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TitleZXMW NR8120A&8120D (V2.04.02) Maintenance Guide
TagsComputer Network Cable Antenna (Radio) Ethernet Troubleshooting
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Table of Contents
                            About This Manual
Chapter 1 Routine Maintenance
	1.1 Daily Maintenance
		1.1.1 Checking the Status of Boards
		1.1.2 Checking the Current 24-Hour Performance Data
		1.1.3 Checking Performance Data of the Past 10 Days
		1.1.4 Checking Alarms
		1.1.5 Checking Device Events
		1.1.6 Checking the Status of Indicators
	1.2 Monthly Maintenance
		1.2.1 Checking Power Supply
		1.2.2 Cleaning the Equipment
		1.2.3 Maintaining the Equipment Room Environment
	1.3 Quarterly Maintenance
		1.3.1 Checking the Receive Level
		1.3.2 Checking the ODU Installation
		1.3.3 Checking the Combiner Installation
		1.3.4 Checking the Antenna Installation
		1.3.5 Checking the IF Cable
Chapter 2 Troubleshooting
	2.1 Application Faults
		2.1.1 A PC Connected to the LMT Interface Cannot Ping Equipment
		2.1.2 A PC Connected to the NMS Interface Cannot Ping the Equipm
	2.2 Radio Link Faults
		2.2.1 The Receive Level Does Not Reach the Theoretical Value
		2.2.2 Error Codes Are Generated on the Radio Link
		2.2.3 Radio Link Is Disconnected
		2.2.4 Instantaneous Link Break
		2.2.5 The MU Loses Lock
		2.2.6 Air Interface Performance Is Zero
	2.3 TDM Service Faults
	2.4 Ethernet Service Faults
	2.5 Network Management
		2.5.1 Network Management Services Are Disconnected
		2.5.2 NEs Are Out of Control
Chapter 3 Fault Locating Methods
	3.1 Performing the Loopback Test
	3.2 Checking the Ethernet OAM Function
		3.2.1 Checking CFM
		3.2.2 Checking EFM
	3.3 Performing the MSTP Single-Step Operation
Chapter 4 Indicators

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