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TitleVAT Road to GST
TagsPayments Taxes Poverty Poverty & Homelessness Value Added Tax
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Table of Contents
                            Review of Literature
Need, Scope & Objective of Study
Value Added Tax
	VAT in India
	What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?5
	The basic principle of VAT
	Why a New Tax System?
	Who have to register as a Taxpayer?
	Registration for VAT:-  (Procedure)
	Declaration & Payment of Tax
	Comparison of VAT and Sales tax
	Advantages of application of VAT
	VAT Effect on Inflation
	Effects of VAT on Distribution
	VAT Effect on Economic Growth
Goods & Services Tax Model for India
	GST: The way ahead
	Salient features of the GST model7
	Taxes subsumed by GST8
	GST’s benefit to the small entrepreneurs and small traders

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