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Table of Contents
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	1. What are you looking for in Sketching?
	2. Sketch overview
	3. Sketch tutorials
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		a) Create a sketch and solid model quickly
		b) Sketch on a planar face
		c) Create tongue and groove type parts
		d) Create a dome-shaped part
		e) Create a base support
	4. Sketch basics
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		a) Direct Sketch and the Sketch task environment
		b) The sketch process
		c) Sketch On Plane and Sketch On Path
			 Sketch On Plane
			 Sketch On Path
		d) Sketching in an assembly context
			 Selecting the sketch placement face
			 Using geometry from other parts
			 Constraining sketches to other parts
			 Editing sketches in an assembly context
		e) Internal and External sketches
			 Differences between Internal and External sketches
		f) Open a sketch for edit
			 Internal Sketches
			 External Sketches
			 Edit Multiple Sketches
		g) Make a sketch internal or external
		h) Sketches and Layers
		i) Sketch curve dynamic preview
		j) Sketch help lines
		k) Sketch on-screen input boxes
		l) Copy, move, and edit sketch objects
		m) Types of constraints
		n) Controlling the display of constraints
		o) Lock inferred constraints
		p) Constraint tips
		q) Degree-of-freedom arrows
		r) Short List
		s) Viewing and editing multiple sketch expressions
	5. Creating and managing sketches
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		a) Direct sketching
			 Create a sketch directly in Modeling
			 Direct sketch and feature edit preferences
		b) Create and Reattach Sketch
			 Reattach a Sketch in Place
			 Reattach a Sketch on Path
			 Copy a sketch to a new location
			 Create and Reattach sketch dialog box
			 Intermediate Datum CSYS
		c) Sketch groups
			 Add sketch geometry and dimensions to a group
			 Manage sketch groups with the Part Navigator
		d) Orient View to Sketch
		e) Orient View to Model
		f) Delaying Sketch updates
		g) Delay Evaluation
		h) Evaluate Sketch
		i) Update Model
		j) Replace with Independent Sketch
		k) Rename a sketch
		l) Finish Sketch
		m) Exit Sketch
	6. Creating and editing geometry
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		a) Profile
			 Create a profile
			 The arc quadrant with Profile
			 Profile dialog box
		b) Line
			 Create a line at a relative angle
			 Line dialog box
		c) Derived Lines
			 Create Derived Lines
			 Constraints with Derived Lines
		d) Arc
			 Create sketch arcs
			 Arc dialog box
		e) Circle
			 Circle stamping
			 Constraints for multiple copies of circles
			 Circle dialog box
		f) Fillet
			 Fillet two curves
			 Fillet three curves
			 Constraints with Fillets
			 Fillet dialog box
		g) Chamfer
			 Create a chamfer in a sketch
			 Chamfer dialog box
		h) Rectangle
			 Create a Rectangle By 2 Points
			 Create a Rectangle By 3 Points
			 Create a Rectangle From Center
			 Rectangle dialog box
		i) Polygon
			 Polygon dialog box
		j) Studio Spline
		k) Fit Spline
		l) Ellipse
			 Fully constrain an ellipse
		m) Conic
			 Constraints with Conic
		n) Sketch Point
			 Create a circular hole pattern
		o) Offset Curve
			 Create Offset Curves
			 Multiple Offset Curves: considerations
			 Offset sketch curves: special cases
			 Offset Curve dialog box
		p) Pattern Curve
			 Create an associative pattern of curves
			 Create a circular pattern of curves within a boundary
			 Pattern Curve Linear and Circular options
			 Pattern Curve General options
			 Pattern Curve non-associative options
		q) Mirror Curve
			 Mirror sketch geometry
			 Mirror Curve dialog box
		r) Intersection Point
			 Create Intersection Points for a Variational Sweep
			 Intersection Point dialog box
		s) Add Existing Curves
		t) Intersection Curve
			 Create an Intersection Curve through multiple faces
			 Intersection Curve dialog box
		u) Project Curve
			 Project curves to a sketch
			 Project Curve dialog box
		v) Quick Trim
			 Trim single or multiple objects
			 Trim to a virtual intersection
			 Constraints with Quick Trim
			 Quick Trim dialog box
		w) Quick Extend
			 Extend single or multiple curves
			 Extend to a virtual intersection
			 Constraints with Quick Extend
			 Quick Extend dialog box
		x) Make Corner
			 Make typical corners
			 Make Corner dialog box
		y) Trim Recipe Curve
			 Trim recipe curves associatively
			 Constraints with Trim Recipe Curve
			 Trim Recipe Curve dialog box
		z) Edit Defining Section
			 Remap a sketch-based feature section
			 Edit Defining Section dialog box
			 Edit Defining Section – Replacement Assistant
	7. Creating dimensions
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		a) Sketch dimensions
		b) Inferred Dimensions
		c) Create and edit inferred dimensions
		d) Create a Horizontal dimension
		e) Create a Vertical dimension
		f) Create a Parallel dimension
		g) Create a Perpendicular dimension
		h) Create a Diameter dimension
		i) Create a Radius dimension
		j) Create an Angular dimension
		k) Perimeter Dimension
			 Create a Perimeter dimension
			 Perimeter Dimension dialog box
		l) Display as PMI overview
			 Convert dimensions to PMI using the context menu
			 Convert dimensions to PMI using the Display as PMI dialog box
			 Display as PMI dialog box
		m) Dimensions: right mouse button options
		n) Dimensions options
		o) Edit Dimension Associativity
			 Attach a Dimension to different geometry
			 Edit Dimension Associativity dialog box
		p) Sketch Parameters
			 Sketch Parameters dialog box
		q) Animate Dimension
			 Animate a dimension
			 Animate Dimension dialog box
		r) Auto Dimension
			 Create Dimensions on curves automatically
			 Auto Dimension dialog box
		s) Continuous Auto Dimensioning
		t) Inferred Constraints and Dimensions
			 Inferred Constraints and Dimensions dialog box
		u) Convert To/From Reference
			 Convert curves and dimensions to reference
			 Convert To/From Reference dialog box
		v) Alternate Solution
			 Test alternate solutions for dimensions and constraints
			 Alternate Solution dialog box
		w) Sketch positioning dimensions
	8. Creating constraints
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		a) Constraints
		b) Create constraints
		c) Constraints quick reference
		d) Auto Constrain
			 Auto Constrain dialog box
		e) Show / Remove Constraints
			 Show / Remove Constraints dialog box
		f) Show All Constraints
		g) Show No Constraints
		h) Make Symmetric
			 Constrain curves to be symmetric
			 Make Symmetric dialog box
		i) Create Inferred Constraints
		j) Constraint conditions
		k) Delay Evaluation
		l) Evaluate Sketch
		m) Convert To/From Reference
			 Convert curves and dimensions to reference
			 Convert To/From Reference dialog box
		n) Alternate Solution
			 Test alternate solutions for dimensions and constraints
			 Alternate Solution dialog box
	9. Customizing the Sketch task environment
		a) Sketch Colors
		b) Display Object Color
		c) Automatically make sketches internal
		d) Sketch Preferences: Sketch Style dialog box
		e) Sketch Preferences: Session Settings
		f) Sketch Preferences: Part Settings
		g) Work plane, background, and grid preferences
	10. Sketch menus quick reference
	11. Sketch video examples

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