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Chapter 1 - Lean Product Development: The Mastery of Innovation
Chapter 2 - Value and Waste in Product Development
Chapter 3 - The Lean Product Development Benchmarking Study
Chapter 4 - DJO Global: The Fundamentals of Lean Product Development
Chapter 5 - Scania Technical Centre: A Pioneering Lean Product Development Champion
Chapter 6 - Ford Motor Company: How to Revitalize an American Icon
Chapter 7 - Buckeye Technologies: Lean Tools for Strategic Alignment
Chapter 8 - Steelcase: Go-and-See New Customers to Open New Markets
Chapter 9 - Philips: Comprehensive Lean Scheduling
Chapter 10 - Novo Nordisk: Metrics to Drive Change
Chapter 11 - Visteon: Knowledge at the Engineer’s Fingertips
Chapter 12 - A-dec: Project Chiefs to Speed Decision Making
Chapter 13 - Nielsen-Kellerman: Just Start Somewhere
Chapter 14 - Vaisala: From Pilot Projects to Global Transformation
Chapter 15 - Playworld Systems: How to Cut Time to Market in Half—Twice
Chapter 16 - The Path of Mastery: How to Begin with Lean Product Development
Epilogue: Just Start Somewhere, Just Do Something
Appendix 1: The Mastery of Innovation Self-Assessment
Appendix 2: A Guide for Book Study Groups
Appendix 3: List of Participating Companies
Appendix 4: Suggested Reading List and Other Resources
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