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TitleThe Interior Design Productivity Toolbox: Checklists and Best Practices to Manage Your Workflow
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                            The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox: Checklists and Best Practices to Manage Your Workflow
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Introduction and How to Use This Book
Part I: Beginning a Project: Meetings and Surveys
	Chapter 1: Meetings
		Meeting with Clients
			New Prospective Client Protocols Checklist
			New Client Questionnaire Example
			Initial Consultation Checklist
			Proposal Checklist
			Letter of Engagement Checklist
			Letter of Engagement References
		Meeting and Survey Materials
			Meeting and Survey Materials Checklist
			Meeting and Survey Materials References
			Meeting Notes Example
	Chapter 2: Residential and Contract Surveys
		General Room Survey
			General Room Checklist
		Bathroom Surveys
			Bathroom Checklist
		Kitchen Surveys
			Kitchen Checklist
Part II: Drawings
	Chapter 3: Residential and Contract Drawings
		General Room Drawings
			General Room Checklist
			General Room Drawing References
		Contract General Room Drawings
			Contract General Room Checklist
			Contract General Room Drawing References
		Residential Bathroom Drawings
			Residential Bathroom Checklist
			Residential Bathroom Drawing References
		ADA Bathroom Drawings
			ADA Bathroom Drawing Checklist
			ADA Bathroom References
		Kitchen Drawings
			Kitchen Checklist
			Kitchen Drawing References
			Kitchen 3D Sketch Examples
		Custom Cabinetry Drawings
			Custom Cabinetry Checklist
			Custom Cabinetry Drawing References
Part III: Specifications
	Chapter 4: Residential Specifications
		General Notes
		Bathroom Specifications
			Bath Fixtures Checklist
			Bath Fixtures—Accessories Checklist
			Bath Tile and Stone Checklist
		Custom Bedding and Window Treatments Specification
			Custom Bedding Specification
			Custom Bedding Checklist
			Custom Window Treatment Specification
			Custom Window Treatments Checklist
		Fabric and Trim Specification
			Fabric Specification
			Passamentarie/Trim Specification
			Fabrics Checklist
			Passamentarie/Trims Checklist
		Flooring Specification
			Hard Surface and Resilient Flooring Specifications
			Flooring—Hard Surface and Resilient Checklist
		Furniture Specification
			Furniture—Case Goods Specification
			Upholstered Furniture Specification
			Furniture—Case Goods Checklist
			Upholstered Furniture Checklist
		Kitchen Specification
			Kitchen Cabinetry Checklist
			Appliances Checklist
			Kitchen Fixtures Checklist
			Kitchen Tile Checklist
		Lighting Specification
			Lighting Checklist
		Luxury Spaces Specification
			Billiard/Game Room Items/Fixtures Checklist
			Home Gym Checklist
			Home Spa Checklist
			Home Theater Checklist
			Man Cave Checklist
			Wine Cellar Checklist
		Wall Specification
			Paint Specification
			Wallcovering Specification
			Paint Schedule Example
			Wallcovering Checklist
	Chapter 5: Contract Specifications
		General Notes
		Contract Furniture Specification
			Contract Case Goods and Other Furnishings
			Contract Case Goods and Other Furnishings Checklist
			Contract Upholstered Furniture
			Ergonomic Chairs
			Systems Furniture
			Contract—Upholstered Furniture Checklist
			Ergonomic Chairs Checklist
			Contract—Systems Furniture Checklist
		Contract Bath Fixture Specification
			Contract Bath Fixtures Checklist
		Contract Flooring Specification
			Contract Flooring Checklist
		Contract Lighting Specification
			Contract Lighting Checklist
		Contract Textiles Specification
			Contract Textiles Checklist
			Specifications—Contract Textiles Symbols Guide
		Contract Wall Specifications
			Contract Wallcoverings Checklist
		Contract Window Coverings/Shading
			Contract Window Coverings/Shading Checklist
Part IV: Renovations
	Chapter 6: Residential and Contract Renovations
		General Notes
		Residential Design—Ordering and Deliveries
			Purchase Orders and Order Tracking
			Delivery Protocols
			Purchase Order Checklist
			Purchase Order References
			Order Tracking Overview Checklist
			Order Tracking References
			Delivery Protocol Checklist
		Kitchen and Other Cabinetry Installation
			Kitchen and Other Cabinetry Installation Checklist
		Luxury Space Installations
			Billiard/Game Room
			Billiard/Game Room Checklist
			Home Gym
			Home Gym Checklist
			Home Spa
			Home Spa Checklist
			Home Theater
			Home Theater Checklist
			The Man Cave
			Man Cave Checklist
			Wine Cellars
			Wine Cellar Checklist
			Painting Protocol Checklist
			Wallcovering Installation Checklist
		Window Treatment Installation
			Window Treatment Installation Checklist
		Special Considerations for Contract Renovation
			Contract Renovation References
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