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TitleThe Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques
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Table of Contents
                            The Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques
	About the Author
		Who Should Read This Book
		What Is Covered in This Book
		How to Contact the Author
	Part One: Exploring the Matting Process
		Chapter 1: Mattes and Compositing Defined
			The Road to the Modern-Day Traveling Matte
			How the Sodium Vapor Traveling Matte Process Works
			How the Modern-Day Blue and Green Screen Traveling Matte Process Works
		Chapter 2: Digital Matting Methods and Tools
			Green vs. Blue Screen (Finally Defined!)
			Difference Matte vs. Chroma Key
			Hardware Matte Compositors and Chroma Keyers
			Compositing Software and Plug-ins
		Chapter 3: Basic Shooting Setups
			Basic Setups for Shooting Green Screen
			Green Screen and Blue Screen Materials
		Chapter 4: Basic Compositing Techniques
			Overview of Matting Compositing Techniques
			Overview of Layer Masks, Mattes and Roto-Masking Techniques
		Chapter 5: Simple Setups on a Budget
			Shooting Green Screen Outdoors to Save Money
			DIY Light Kits on the Cheap
			Shooting with Inexpensive Background Materials and the NanoSoftLights
		Chapter 6: Green Screens in Live Broadcasts
			Visiting a Typical TV Newsroom
			Live Broadcast with Virtual Sets
		Chapter 7: How the Pros Do It
			A Tour of CafeFX
			Indie Filmmakers Tackle Big Effects
	Part Two: Setting the Scene
		Chapter 8: Choosing the Right Matting Process for Your Project
			Should I Choose Hardware or Software Matting/Compositing?
			What Kind of Shots Do I Need?
		Chapter 9: Proper Lighting Techniques
			Lighting the Screen and Foreground Subjects
			Shooting Green and Blue Screen Outdoors
		Chapter 10: Matching Your Subjects to the Background
			Creating Simple Composites
			Integrating Props with Sets
			Tracking and Matchmoving Green Screen Shots
		Chapter 11: Digital Cameras and Camcorders
			Digital Camcorder Basics
			Scoping Your Camera
		Chapter 12: Storyboarding and Directing Your Talent
			The Importance of Previsualization and Storyboarding
			“Pre-Post”: Working as a Team with Post-Production on the Set
			That’s Why They Call It “Acting”
		Chapter 13: Interacting with the Background and Objects
			Shooting with Color-Keyed Props and Furniture
			Shooting to Retain Wanted Shadows
	Part Three: Compositing the Footage
		Chapter 14: Getting a Great Matte
			Bad Lighting + Poor Production = Dreadful Mattes!
			Good Lighting + Solid Production = Great Mattes!
			Best Practices in Software Keying and Matte Extraction
		Chapter 15: Color Balancing the Subject and Background
			Matching Foreground Plate to Background
			Processing Both Foreground and Background Plates
			Making Adjustments in the RGB Channels
			Changing a Scene’s Lighting and Environment
			Creating a Classic Movie Effect with Lighting Tricks
			Real-World Post-Production: Haven
		Chapter 16: Fixing Problem Green Screen Shots
			Common Problems with Poor Shots
			Fixing Mistakes
		Chapter 17: Working with Virtual Sets
			What Is a Virtual Set?
			Using a Basic 3D Virtual Set
			Virtual Sets in Real Time
			A Nonvirtual Set for CG Animation
		Chapter 18: Motion Tracking and Matchmoving
			Motion-Control Hardware
			Motion-Tracking and Matchmoving Techniques
		Chapter 19: Complex Composites
			Combining Green Screen Background with Blue Screen Foreground Elements
			Compositing with Particles and Simulated Camera Moves
	Appendix A: Products and Services Mentioned in This Book
	Appendix B: About the Companion DVD
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Products Mentioned in This Chapter

Reflecmedia• :
Kino Flo• :
ScopeBox• :
Apple, Final Cut Pro• :
Litepanels• :
Alex Lindsay—dvGarage• :

Image and Footage Credits

Jeff Varga, Dead End City• :
Alex Lindsay, ProVideo Coalition• :
Ventura Technology Development Center (VTDC)• :

You can find a complete list of references and suggested continued reading/learning from this
chapter in Appendix A.

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