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                            41) What kind of exceptions those spring DAO classes throw?
42) What is DataAccessException?
43) How can you configure a bean to get DataSource from JNDI?
44) How can you create a DataSource connection pool?
45) How JDBC can be used more efficiently in spring framework?
46) How JdbcTemplate can be used?
47) How do you write data to backend in spring using JdbcTemplate?
48) Explain about PreparedStatementCreator?
49) Explain about BatchPreparedStatementSetter?
50) Explain about RowCallbackHandler and why it is used?
	What is Spring?
	Explain the different modules in Spring framework.
	What are the Core container module and Application context module?
	What is a BeanFactory and XMLBeanFactory?
	What is AOP Alliance?
	Explain the concepts and purpose of Spring configuration file.
	What does a simple spring application contain?
	Explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework.
	What is bean wiring?
	Explain how to add a bean in spring application.
	What are singleton beans and how can you create prototype beans?
	What are Inner Beans?
	What is Auto wiring? What are different types of Autowire types?
	What is meant by Weaving? What are the different points where weaving can be applied?
	Explain the different types of AutoProxying.
	BeanNameAutoProxyCreator: This proxy is used to identify beans to proxy through a list of names. It checks the matches that are direc What is RowCallbackHandler? Why it is used.
	What is BatchPreparedStatementSetter?
	What is RowCallbackHandler? Why it is used.

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