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2015 What Business Owners Need
to Know to Successful
Open or Expand a Business
in West Bridgewater
Opening a Business in
West Bridgewater

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Building Permit
Who needs to get a Building Permit?
Building Permits are issued to licensed contractors and business owners to allow
construction work. Building Permits are required to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair,

remove, or demolish a
building or structure.

Where do I get a Building Permit?
West Bridgewater
Inspector of
s issues Building Permits. You can find
Building Permit application at the West Bridgewater Town Hall
in the Building
Department office
. How do I get a
Building Permit?
First, you need to apply for a sewage construction permit from the Board of
Health and a water entrance permit from the Water Department. Then you must file a
Letter of Determination with the Conservation Commission and receive their appr
You must also obtain an approved zoning permit and a building permit application.

Lastly, y
ou must get Site Plan approval from the Planning Board or Special Permit
approval from the Special Permit Granting Authority.
If you
have a proposed
driveway that enters or exits
a state highway or town
road, if sand, gravel, stone, etc. must be removed from the site, or if plumbing, gas, or
electrical work need to be done you may require additional permits.

What must be turned in with the Building P
ermit Application?
You must attach a copy of an approved Septic System Design Plan or Site Plan,
two sets of building plans with smoke detector locations, a copy of a Water Entrance
Permit or fee payment slip, the fee of the building permit application, a
copy of your
home registration, a copy of your construction supervisor™s license, proof of workman™s

a MAS check compliance report, proof of approved Site Plan with a
Registry of Deeds receipt, and have house number, lot number and Assessor™
s sheet
verified by Assessors Department.

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Opening a Restaurant
What do you need to open a Restaurant?
You need a Business Certificate from
West Bridgewater
Town Clerk
™s Office.
Business Certificates have a fee of $40.00.
You also need
a Food, Drink
, and Takeout
Application f
rom the Health Department. Food, Drink, and Takeout
Application fees vary
between $
.00 and $
300.00 based on
the square footage
food establishment
you are opening.
Is your Restaurant going to have seating?
If so, you
will ne
ed a Common Victua
ller License from
West Bridgewater
™s Board
of Selectmen. Common Victual
ler License approvals are contingent upon the approval
of the Fire Department, Inspector of Buildings, and the Board of Health. This license
has a fee of $50.00
. Is your Restaurant going to serve alcohol?
If so, you will need an Alcoholic Beverage License that is approved by
™s Board of Selectmen and the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control
. There are many different kinds
of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
depending on the type of alcohol being sold and whether it is being made at the

restaurant or elsewhere.
Applications for these licenses have filing fees of $50 to the
Town of West Bridgewater and $200 to the ABCC. These fees
are in addition to the cost
of the liquor licenses which range from $825 to $1550 and are in addition to the

Common Victualler fee mentioned above.
Are you going to put up a new outside sign?
If so, you will need a Sign Permit from
West Bridgewater
™s Bu
. Sign Permit fees vary on the type of sign being built.

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Planning Board
Hugh Hurley
, Chairman
Board of Appeals
William E. Luc
ini, Chairman
-1200 West Bridgewater
Fire Department
99 West Center
West Bridgewater
, MA 023
79 Fire Department
Leonard T. Hunt
, Fire Chief
[email protected]
West Bridgewater
Police Department
99 West Center Street
West Bridgewater
, MA 023
79 Police Department
Donald H.
, Police Chief
[email protected]

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You™re ready to
begin your journey as a business owner in West Bridgewater!
Now that you have all the necessary information to legally open your business in West
Bridgewater, you can begin your dream of owning a successful business. All you have
to do is take what we have given you and implement it in your process of opening your
We wish you every success in your adventure and hope that this guide has
made it easier
for you
to open a business in
West Bridgewater

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