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TitleMuseum Lighting- Smithsonian
TagsLight Emitting Diode Lighting Incandescent Light Bulb Museum Art Museum
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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction and Background
	1.1 Interests and Concerns for LED Use in the Museum
	1.2 Input from the Museum Director
2.0 Methodology
3.0 Demonstration Gallery Description, Lamps, Lamp Issues, and Measured Light Levels
	3.1 Color Issues
	3.2 The Thermistor Issue
	3.3 The Lighting Design, and the Lighting Designer’s Reaction to LED Lamps
4.0 Two Galleries at the Renwick Gallery
	4.1 The Grand Salon
	4.2 Contemporary Craft Gallery 202
5.0 The Luce Center Gallery Quandary
6.0 The Lighting Designer’s Wish List
7.0 Energy Comparison
	7.1 Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
	7.2 Payback Horizons and Economic Feasibility
8.0 Lessons Learned for Museum Lighting
9.0 References for Museum Lighting and Artifact Conservation
	Appendix A :  Smithsonian American Art Museum Early Modernism Gallery Input Data for Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
	Appendix B :  Summary Life-Cycle Cost Calculations
	Appendix C : Comparative Analysis of Life-Cycle Cost

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