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Table of Contents
                            1 Overview
2 PCI Design
	Table 2.1.1.I. PHY_CELL_ID groups
	2.2 PSCH Sequence Design
		Figure 2.2.1.I.1.1.1 Mapping of PSC sequences in the frequency domain
	2.3 SSCH Sequence Design
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.1 LTE cell search flowchart
		Figure 2.3.1.I.1.1.1 Mapping of SSC sequences in the frequency domain
		Figure 2.3.1.I.1.1.2 mapping between PHY_CELL_ID group and the indexes and
	2.4 Downlink Cell-Shared Pilot Design
3 Planning Principle
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.1 Collision
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.1 Confusion
4 PCI Planning Using the U-Net
	4.1 Preparation
		Figure 4.1.1.I.1.1.1 U-Net
	4.2 Starting PCI Planning
		Figure 4.2.1.I.1.1.1 Starting automatic PCI planning
	4.3 Configuring Planning Parameters
		Figure 4.3.1.I.1.1.1 PCI Planning dialog box
		Figure 4.3.1.I.1.1.2 Adding multiple PCI groups
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.2 Filtering out the cells that do not require PCI planning
		Figure 4.3.1.I.1.1.3 Control parameters related to PCI planning
		Figure 4.3.1.I.1.1.4 PCI planning modes
	4.4 Checking the PCI Planning Result
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.3 PCI planning result
	4.5 Submitting the PCI Planning Result
	4.6 Displaying the PCI Planning Result
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.4 Choosing Display Setting
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.5 Selecting PCI
		Figure 1.1.1.I.1.1.6 Displaying the PCI planning result
		Step 2 In the Project Explorer navigation tree, click , right-click Transceiver, and choose Cells > Open Table from the shortcut menu. In the displayed cell table, copy the PCI column to an XLS file, as shown in Figure 4.6.1.I.1.1.1.
			Figure 4.6.1.I.1.1.1 Copy the PCI column
		Step 3 Calculate the Mod3 values corresponding to each PCI using the model function, as shown in Figure 4.6.1.I.1.1.2.
			Figure 4.6.1.I.1.1.2 Calculating Mod3 values
		Step 4 Copy the mod3 values to the TAC column in the cell table, and display the mod3 planning result, as shown in Figure 4.6.1.I.1.1.3.
			Figure 4.6.1.I.1.1.3 Displaying the mod3 planning result
	4.7 Exporting the PCI Planning Result
		Figure 4.7.1.I.1.1.1 Exporting the PCI planning result
	4.8 Manually Configuring PCIs
		Step 1 In the Project Explorer navigation tree, click , right-click a cell name under Transceiver, and choose Properties from the shortcut menu, as shown in Figure 4.8.1.I.1.1.1.
			Figure 4.8.1.I.1.1.1 Choosing Properties
		Step 2 In the LTE-TDDCell tab page of the dialog box, modify PCI settings for the cell.
			Figure 4.8.1.I.2.1.1 Modifying PCI settings for a single cell
		1 In the Project Explorer navigation tree, click , right-click Transceiver, and choose Cells > Open Table, as shown in Figure 4.8.1.I.2.1.2.
			Figure 4.8.1.I.2.1.2 Opening the cell table
		Step 3 In the displayed dialog box, set the PCI ranging from 0 to 503.
			Figure 4.8.1.I.3.1.1 Modifying PCI settings for multiple cells.
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