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An everyday guide to
living with heart failure:
Personal record

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Personal record
12 British Heart Foundation
Your details
NameDate of birth

Hospital detailsHospital consultant

Patient™s hospital number

Heart failure nurse

Heart failure nurse™s phone number
Other contacts
GP detailsGPPhone

Out of hours GP service
If this record is found, please return
it to the GP surgery
Contact details
This personal record comes together with

An everyday guide to living with heart failure
It is designed to help you keep all the

important notes about your heart failure

symptoms, medication and treatment, in

one place. It will help both you and your

di˜erent health professionals to keep track

of your progress more easily.
Bring this record, together with any
echocardiogram or ECG reports you may

have, to all your appointments at the

hospital and the GP surgery, and to your

heart failure clinic.
The information recorded here should
remain con˚dential to you and all your

health professionals.
Note to health professionals: This record
documents the patient™s health status with

regard to their heart failure and is not a

substitute for the patient™s medical notes.
An everyday guide to living with heart failure:
Personal record
has been adapted from

the Patient Held Record developed by
Tracey Dare
BHF Heart Failure Specialist Nurse

Dorset County Hospital NHS

Foundation Trust.
To order further copies, please
email [email protected]
or call 0870 600 6566 and quote G275A.
6Blood results
12Daily weight chart
16Daily ˜uid record
20List of abbreviations/
medical terms
24How to use this record

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Personal record
1110 British Heart Foundation
Ask your doctor or nurse to record
anything you should change.

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Personal record
1312 British Heart Foundation
One of the most common types of blood
test you will have is a ‚U&E™, or kidney

function check, comprising sodium,

potassium, urea and creatinine levels.
People with heart failure often have slightly

out of range results (the normal values are

listed in brackets). Do not be alarmed if your

results are out of range as this might be

normal for you.
We discuss tests on page 5 of
An everyday
guide to living with heart failure
.Blood results
Sodium (132-145)
Potassium (3.5-5.0)
Urea (3-6.5)
Creatinine (50-120)

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Personal record
2524 British Heart Foundation
List of abbreviations/medical terms
Your health professionals may use some
of these terms when making notes about

your progress.
BPBlood pressure
HRHeart rate
Coronary artery bypass graft
JVP Jugular venous pressure
(measurement of ˛uid overload)
DCMDilated cardiomyopathy
Left ventricle Πthis is the main pumping
chamber of the hearECG
Electrocardiogram Œ a ‚heart tracing™
MIMyocardial infarction = heart attack
ECHOEchocardiogram Πan ultrasound scan of the heart
New York Heart Association score,
used for measuring degree of heart failure symptoms
1 No symptoms
2 Symptoms on moderate exertion
3 Symptoms on mild exertion
4 Symptoms at rest
ETExercise tolerance

Good. No limitations. Can manage more than
1 mile. Takes regular exercise
Fair. Can manage up to ½ mile on the ˛at.
Walking up inclines causes SOB
Moderate. Limited to 100 yards at best.
Washing and dressing causes SOB
4 Poor. SOB at rest
Swelling / water retention in the tissues.
Can occur in the feet, ankles, lower limbs and abdomen
1 None 2 Mild (resolves after rest)
3 Moderate (eg, mid calf / below knee)
4 Above knee
5 Thigh / sacral / abdomen
0 None1
After moderate physical e˜ort, eg, walking down
the corridor or showering
2 After mild exertion, eg, washing and dressing
After minimal exertion, eg, standing from the chair,
pottering around the room
4 At rest
PND Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea Œ
sudden wakening in the night due to SOB
SOBShortness of breath

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