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TitleIEEE PES Dynamic Models for Turbine-Governors in Power System Studies PES-TR1 Jan 2013
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Table of Contents
                            Chairman: Pouyan Pourbeik
Members and Contributors
1.1 The Scope of Work
1.2 The Purpose of Turbine-Governor Models in Power System Studies
2.1 Steam Turbine Modeling
2.2 Simple Steam Turbine Models (TGOV1, IEEESO and IEEEG1)
2.3 Simple Steam Turbine Model with Basic Boiler Dynamics [13]
2.4 Detailed Steam Turbine Model – the TGOV5 model
2.4.1 The TGOV5 model
2.4.2 An Example use of the TGOV5 Model Primary Frequency Control Deadband and Limiter
2.5 Simulating Fast-Valving
2.6 Other Aspects of Steam Turbine Modeling
2.7 Modeling Guidelines and Summary
3.1 Gas Turbine Modeling
3.1.1 Brief Overview of Gas Turbine Theory
3.1.2 Modeling Gas Turbines GAST GAST2A GGOV1 CIGRE model [9] Simplified but Explicit Modeling of the Ambient and Speed Dependence [16] Vendor Specific Models
3.2 Combined Cycle Power Plants
3.2.1 Brief Overview of CCPP
3.2.2 Implementation of the CIGRE HRSG and ST model in ERCOT
3.3 Modeling Guidelines and Summary
4. Hydro Turbines
4.1 Modeling Hydro Turbines
4.2 Hydro Governors
4.3 Hydro Water Column
4.4 System Frequency Regulation Studies
4.5 Modeling Guidelines and Summary
5. References
6. Further Reading on Turbine-Governor Modeling
APPENDIX A: Parameters for the IEEEG1 + LCBF1 Model
APPENDIX B: Deadband
APPENDIX C: Typical Parameters for the GGOV1
APPENDIX D: Vendor Specific Model for GE Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines
APPENDIX E: Vendor Specific Model for the ALSTOM GT26B Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine
APPENDIX F: ALSTOM Combined Cycle Power Plant Models
APPENDIX G: Solar Turbine’s Perspective on the GT Models

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