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TitleHospital Pre-registration Pharmacist Training
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
About the authors
Section 1 - Pre-registration trainees
	Chapter 1 - Expectations of the pre-registration placement
		What is clinical pharmacy and where does it happen?
	Chapter 2 - Induction: getting to know your workplace and your team
	Chapter 3 - The pre-reg team -- team dynamics
		You, the pre-regs and the working team
		What makes a team?
		Group dynamics and the pre-reg year
	Chapter 4 - Your tutor: developing that special relationship
		Getting to know your tutor
		Managing the boss
		What can go wrong?
	Chapter 5 - Making the transition from student to professional: how to get through the year
Section 2 -
A guide to rotations
	Chapter 6 -
First rotation
	Chapter 7 -
Ward-based pharmacy
	Chapter 8 -
Patient services
	Chapter 9 -
Medicines information
		The first few days
		Answering enquiries
		Law and ethics
	Chapter 10 -
Technical services
		Sterile and non‐sterile products
		Quality assurance and quality control
	Chapter 11 -
Community pharmacy
		Finding a suitable placement
		Preparing for the placement
		Working in the community
			Responding to symptoms
	Chapter 12 -
Pharmacy in the wider healthcare environment
		Primary care trusts
		Prison pharmacy
Section 3 -
Assessment and feedback
	Chapter 13 - Assessment and feedback: how to get through these
		Assessment in the dispensary
		Assessment on the wards
		Assessment in MI
		Assessment in technical services
	Chapter 14 -
Getting signed off: how do you know you are there?
		End‐of‐rotation reviews
		RPSGB progress reviews
			Review at 13 weeks
			Review at 26 weeks
			Review at 39 weeks
			Final progress review
Section 4 -
Finding your first real job
	Chapter 15 -
Your first job as a hospital pharmacist
		Finding the right job
		How to get through the interview
		Your first job
		Additional interview top tips
			Preparation for the interview
			Before the interview
			During the interview
			After the interview
Section 5 - 
Preparing for the registration exam
	Chapter  16 - Preparing for the registration exam
		How much to revise, when to revise, what to revise?
		Reference texts
			British National Formulary
			Medicines, Ethics and Practice Guide
			Drug Tariff
		How will you feel leading up to the exam?
			Closed Book
				Exam technique
				Security issues
			Open book/calculations
				Exam technique
				Revision plans
		Drawing from past pre‐regs' experiences
		Calculations and the anxieties associated with this
		Some top tips for calculations
		The examination
			Open book questions
		Permitted reasonable adjustments
		If you are not ready - Do not sit it; three  strikes and you're out!
		What happens if you fail?
			Illness/circumstances impairing your ability to sit the examination
			Poor exam technique
		Experiences from our pre‐regs: how did they feel, what were their concerns?
Section 6 -
Specialist placements
	Chapter 17 -
Integrated sandwich courses
		First placement &ndash1; fifth year (July to January)
		Second placement &ndash1; third year (January to July)
	Chapter 18 -
Primary care trusts
		PCT pharmacy work
		The role of the pre‐reg within a PCT
			Analysing prescribing (ePact) data
			Prescribing reviews, including yearly updates on everything!
			Clinic visits
			GP practice audits
			Training of healthcare professionals and patients, e.g. community inhaler counselling and cardiac rehab patients
			Providing pharmaceutical care to managed services: intermediate care, learning difficulties, etc.
			Medicines information enquiry answering
			Summarising national guidance such as NICE guidance and NPSA alerts
			Writing guidelines or documents relating to the safe and secure use of medicines
			Dissemination of national guidance for local use: cost comparisons of different pharmaceutical products using Drug Tariffs
	Chapter 19 -
Pharmaceutical industry
	Chapter 20 -
Specialist focus: paediatrics
		Calculations, calculations, calculations!
		Dealing with very sick young children: the emotions
		Dealing with the parents rather than the children themselves
		Many common skills no matter what clinical area
Section 7 -
Future issues
	Chapter 21 - The future: gazing at the crystal 

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