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TitleFlash Cinematic Techniques: Enhancing Animated Shorts and Interactive Storytelling
ISBN 139780240813134
CategoryArts - Film
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Total Pages306
Table of Contents
                            Flash Cinematic
Copyright Page
	What Is This Book About?
	Who Is This Book For?
	Book Structure and Layout Conventions
	About the Author
	For Instructors
Chapter 1:
Show, Don’t Tell Me a Story
	Anatomy of a Story
	The Story Structure
	Make Every Scene Count
	Show, Don’t Tell
	Find Your Artistic Direction in Flash
Chapter 2:
Get into Character
	Casting the Characters
	Shaping Up
	Adopting Stereotypes
	Exaggerating Personality
	Assembling the Cast in Flash
Chapter 3:
Give Me Space
	Defining the Space
	Showing the Space
	Illustrating the Space
	Drawing a Storyboard
	Building an Animatic in Flash
Chapter 4:
Direct My Eye
	Composing the Space
	Drawing the Line
	Being Dominant
	Having Some Depth
	Focusing Attention
	Simulating Depth in Flash
Chapter 5:
Don’t Lose Me
	Manipulating Time and Space
	Understanding Screen Direction
	Using the 180-Degree Rule
	Cutting and Continuity
	Transitioning Scenes
	Building Transitions in Flash
Chapter 6:
Move the Camera
	Creating New Worlds
	Panning the Camera
	Tracking Camera Movements
	Parallax Scrolling
	Simulating Cinematic Effects in Flash
Chapter 7:
Light My World
	Defining the Light
	Lighting a Scene
	Setting the Mood
	Simulating Lighting Effects in Flash
Chapter 8:
Speak to Me
	Recording Audio
	Lip-Syncing Dialog
	Mixing Sound Effects
	Exploring Facial Expressions
	Posing Your Character
Chapter 9:
Interact with Me
	Interactivity in Flash
	Controlling Camera Movements
	Directing the Characters
	Enhancing a Story Using ActionScript
Chapter 10:
Optimize and Publish
	Optimizing Graphics
	Preloading in Flash
	Using the QuickTime Exporter
	Exporting ActionScript-Driven Movies

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