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TitleEssential Film Themes for Solo Piano: 1
PublisherWise Publications
ISBN 139780711974982
CategoryArts - Film
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Table of Contents
American beauty: Angela Undress
The English patient
	The English patient
	A Retreat
	Rupert Bear
Emma: Wedding titles
Ghost Theme
Forrest Gump Theme
Gladiator: Honor him
The postman: Il Postino
The last of the mohicans Theme
Little Women:
 Under the umbrella
The piano
	The heart asks pleasure first
	Lost and Found
The remains of the day: 
Darlington Hall
Saving private Ryan: Hymn to the fallen
Shakespears in Love
	The beginning of the partnership
	Viola's audition
Pleasantville Theme
The Truman Show: It's a life
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