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TitleCthulhu Britannica - London - Curse of Nineveh
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Table of Contents
Ancient Nineveh
The Cult of Nabu
The Cult of Yul’huthris
The Tablets of Destiny
Unveiling Nineveh
Thompson’s Journal
The Campbell Thompson Expedition
British-Iraq Relations in the Early 20th Century
The Curse of Nineveh
Campaign Overview
Campaign Timeline
Key Players
Aloysius Delgado
Delgado’s Thugs
What does Delgado want?
How will he accomplish it?
Edwin Elphinstone
What does Edwin Elphinstone want?
How will he accomplish it?
What does Nabu want?
How will he accomplish it?
Nabu, Partially Possessing a Host
The Empty Ones
Token of Nabu
The Children of Tranquillity
Ashur Raman
Child of Tranquillity
What do the Children of Tranquillity want?
How will they accomplish it?
The Wentworth Club
Campaign Set-up
A Note about the Library
Notable Characters of The Wentworth Club
Gregory Bluffstone
Joseph Sykes
Artemis Crankshaw
Islwyn Munden
Typical Servant, Wentworth Club
Cthulhu Britannica: London
Creating Investigators For the Campaign
Introducing Replacement Investigators
Handout 1: Nabu
Chapter One: Ancient Echoes
Running this Chapter
Aloysius Delgado
Delgado’s Minion Spills the Beans
The Children of Tranquillity
The Funeral Dinner of Lord Howard Brightman
How long have you been a member of the WentworthClub?
What is your occupation?
Theodore Rayburn-Price
What can you tell us about Gregory Bluffstone?
How well did you know Lord Brightman?
Bluffstone mentioned a terrifying tale, can you share it?
How did Brightman die?
Do you believe in the Curse?
Neve Selcibuc
Timeline of Deaths
The Statuette of Nabu Incarnate
Avenues of Investigation
Investigations at the Wentworth Club
About Theodore Rayburn-Price
About Lord Brightman
About the Campbell Thompson Dig
The Police
Detective Marcus Brinslow
Detective Weston Partridge
Police Information: Archie Glossop
Police Information: Lord Brightman
Police Information: Leonard William King
Investigating Leonard William King
Investigating Neve Selcibuc’s Lodgings
Bingo Pinker
Honoria Pinker
The Homes of The Deceased
Home of Archie Glossop
Home of Lord Brightman
Investigating the Thompson Expedition
At the British Museum
Ralf Yates
General Enquiries
Patrick Longton
Meeting Thompson
Reginald Campbell Thompson
Thompson’s Journal
Visiting the 1919 Expedition Survivors
Willard Puncheon
Terrance MacAvoy
Peter Simpkin
Ebenezer Albright’s Sweet Relics
Concluding the Chapter
Rewards and Penalties
Handout 2: Record of Stolen Items
Handout 3: The Times, Thursday, 9th July 1925
Handout 4: Evening Standard, Friday, 26th June 1925.
Handout 5: The Times, Obituaries, 25th August, 1919
Handout 6: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1922
Handout 7: Who's Who, 1924
Handout 8: Letter from Peter Simpkin
Chapter Two: That Which was Broken
Baletheus Ginger and The Ritual of Walking Darkness
The Four Tablets
Cuneiform Tablets
The Rituals (New Spells)
Ritual of the Walking Darkness
Ritual of Blood and Light
Very Recent Events
The Mind of Baletheus Ginger
Baletheus Ginger
Running This Chapter
Timeline of Events
Involving the Investigators
The Children of Tranquillity
Aloysius Delgado
Edwin Elphinstone
Back To The Wentworth Club
Avenues of Investigation
Next Steps
Investigating the Break-Ins of Private Collectors
Andrew Noble
Matthew Smiley
Stanley Edgerton
Alice Edgerton
Mary Tipton
Investigating Other Break-ins and Assaults
The Police
Detective Jack Billington
Constable Brian Calf
Asking about unsolved or unusual house break-ins
Asking about persons being assaulted
Asking about the murder of Alan Tilbury-Pine
Visiting Baldwin Cooper
Baldwin Cooper
Visiting McLaughlin in St Mary’s Hospital
Alfie McLaughlin
Newspaper Research
Investigating The British Museum
The Museum’s Vaults
Deciphering Cuneiform Tablets
Talking to Museum Staff
Walter Meems
Audrey Leicester
Ralf Yates
The Shadow Watches
Jasper Higginbotham
Maurice Gibbons
The Marble Casket
Keeping Things Moving
The Shadow
Ted Williams’ House
Bunty’s Statement
The Children Make an Offer
Azhar Udin
The Scroll
New Spell: Chains of Pain
The Fox and Hound
Pub Rowdy
Edgar Tallis
Bill Lancaster
Bill Lancaster’s Tale
Bill Lancaster’s House
Ted Williams
Asking about Taking Items from the Museum
Asking about the Tablets
Asking about who the Tablets were Sold to
Asking what Ginger/devil/shadow wants
Asking how to stop Ginger/the devil/the shadow
A Race for the Tablets
Lady Nichols’ House
Lady Isabella Nichols
Ginger’s house
Dealing with Ginger
Concluding the Chapter
Handout 9: Newspaper Clipping
Handout 10: Excerpt from Stanley Edgerton’s Notebook
Handout 11: Newspaper Clipping about Assaults(23rd October, Evening Standard)
Handout 12: Newspaper Clipping about Burglary(5th October, Evening Standard)
Handout 13: Newspaper Clipping about Ghostsat the British Museum (19th October, EveningStandard)
Handout 14: The Casket’s Inscription
Handout 15: Message Scrawled on Wall
Chapter Three: Bedlam
The Scrolls of Endless Shadow
Running This Chapter
Involving the Investigators
Aloysius Delgado
The Children of Tranquillity
Avenues of Investigations
Crime Scene Investigation
Puncheon’s Flat
Puncheon’s Notebooks
The Diary
Et Fragmenta Sargona
The Children of Tranquillity
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Entering the Hospital
Seeing the Doctor
Dr Allan Laurence
An Interview with Puncheon
William Puncheon
Louis Wain
Insane Insight
Random Lunacy
Translating the Text
The British Museum
Longton’s Office
Audrey Leicester
Reginald Campbell Thompson
About Willard Puncheon
The Scrolls
On the Transcription
Walter Meems
Recording the Cuneiform
The Completed Translation
Acquiring the Curse
The Assassin
The Plot
If the Investigators are Present…
The Hashshash
Chasing the Assassin
If the Investigators are Absent…
The Dagger
What if the Assassin Succeeds?
The Kidnap Plot
Sauvageot’s Thugs
The Riot
Female Criminal Lunatic
The Kidnap Attempt
Rooting out Corruption
John Elwick
Involving the Authorities
New Scotland Yard
Inspector Lennox
Handling the Police
Hostage Negotiations
Claude Boudreaux
The Exchange
The Surgeon’s Lair
Dr Lucien Sauvageot
Mean Streets
The Doctor Is In
The House
The Flaying
The Tunnel
Defeating Sauvageot
Searching the House
Concluding the Chapter
Sauvageot’s "Great Work"
Rewards and Penalties
Handout 16: Cutting from the London Gazette
Handout 17: The Dire Warning of the Scrolls
Handout 18: Translation of the Scrolls
Chapter Four: The Watchers Below
The Horn of Alû
Avatar of Alû
The Power of Nightmares
Running This Chapter
Involving the Investigators
Aloysius Delgado
The Children of Tranquillity
The Auction
Arrival at Sotheby’s
Interested Parties
Odie Mortimer
Archibald Judge
Sir Hardin Bailey
Audrey Leicester
Mafalda Violette
Edwin Elphinstone
Running the Auction
The Fate of the Artefact
Other Lots
Dashwood’s Mirror
Dictionairre Infernal
The Cipher of Parmes
Advice for Keepers
Murder on the Heath
Theodore Rayburn-Price’s House
The Stuff of Nightmares
A Grisly Murder
Further Investigation
Suggestions for the Keeper
The Funeral Dinner of Theodore Rayburn-Price
An Offer of Assistance
An Occult Soirée
Alternative Investigator Actions
Bailey, Finkle & Willoughby
Tracking Down Bailey
An Invitation from Bailey
The Construction of the Temple of Nabu
Patrick Longton
The Temple Room
The British Museum Station
What’s Really Going On?
The Children of Tranquillity Attack
Pursuing the Children of Tranquillity
Alternative Investigator Actions
Back to Bedlam
That Which Man Was Not Meant to Know
Going Underground
Exploring the Tunnels
Guardian of the Deep
The Excavation Site
Bargaining with Raman
The Museum Basements
Concluding the Chapter
Rewards and Penalties
Handout 19: Invitation to the Auction
Handout 20: Cutting from the West LondonObserver
Handout 21: Theodore Rayburn-Price’s Diary
Chapter Five: Catland
The Eye of Lamashtu
The History of the Eye
Using the Power of the Eye
Destroying the Eye of Lamashtu
Running This Chapter
A Visitor to the Museum
Thomas Mountford
Visiting Mr Mountford in Hospital
What if the Investigators miss some Clues?
Visiting Louis Wain
Returning to the Bethlem Royal
Louis Wain
Presenting Wain’s Delusions
The Real Louis Wain
Wain’s Room
Other Sources of Information
An Outing to Croydon
Avenues of Investigation
The Gruesome Death of Amelia Connett
The Connett Residence
The Mountford Residence
Mrs Lewis and her Feline Friends
Edith Lewis
Martha Burbridge
The Drawing Room
The Study
The Temple of Bast
An Invocation of Bast
The Back Garden
The London Abyssinian
The Cats of Ulthar
Wain's Cats
A Destruction of Cats
Mr Church and the Cats of Shadow
The Church Residence
Philip Church
What if the Investigators get hold of the Eye of Lamashtu?
The Ugallos
The Croydon and Sutton Cat Fanciers’ Association
Investigating the Croydon and Sutton Cat Fanciers’ Association
The Cat Fanciers’ Association in Fact and Fiction
The Children of Tranquillity
Nisrin Ahmad
The Bleeding of the Dreamlands
1. Stray Cats
2. The Calling of the Cats
3. Windows onto Ulthar
4. The Return of Lamashtu
5. Croydon, Sometimes Called Ulthar
Keeping things Moving
Martha seeks help from the Investigators
Mrs Lewis Intrudes in the Investigators’ Dreams
Nisrin Ahmad seeks Revenge
The Ugallos Attack
Concluding the Chapter
Handout 22: Letter from Edith Lewis to Louis Wain
Handout 23: Clipping from the Croydon Advertiser
Chapter Six: Rise of the King
The Seal of Nabu
Using the Seal to Possess a Human Host
Partial Possession of a Human Host
Full Possession of a Human Host
Running This Chapter
Timeline of Events
Edwin Elphinstone
What if Delgado is Dead?
Aloysis Delgado, While Possessed by Nabu
Aloysis Delgado, After Being Released fromPossession by Nabu
The Children of Tranquillity
A Choice of Two Leads
Avenues of Investigation
The Burglary
If the Artefacts are Housed Elsewhere
The British Museum
An Evening of Terror at St Luke’s Church
Visiting the Church
St Luke’s Congregation
Mrs Dorothy Simmons
The Police Investigation
The Potter’s Tale
The Antique Dealer’s Tale
The Middle Man
Walter Matthews
The Fence
Stanley Glover
Chester Lytton
The King’s Head
The Gyre Brothers
The Gyre Family Home
Thomas Gyre
Milton Gyre
Calling on Delgado
Ground Floor
Mutant Plant Guardians
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
Edwin Elphinstone’s Home
Miss Newell
The Royal Garden Party
The Palace Gardens
The Surrounding Area
The Royal Family
King George V
The Guests
Gaining Entry to the Garden Party
At the Party
The King Possessed
Myrtle Everett
Yog-Sothoth Joins the Party
Concluding the Chapter
Handout 24: Newspaper report of the strangeevent at St Luke’s Church
Handout 25: Police Sketches
Handout 26: Edwin’s Card
Handout 27: Invitation from Elphinstone
Handout 28: An Invite to the Garden Party
Chapter Seven: For King and Country
Running This Chapter
Timeline of Events
Edwin Elphinstone
The Children of Tranquillity
Garden Party Confrontation
King George V
Assault on the Palace
Outside the Palace
Inside the Palace
Palace Staff
Palace Security
Palace Guard
King Nabu in the Palace
Gaining Access to the Palace
Detained for His Majesty's Pleasure
The Calm Before The Storm
Researching the Ritual of Ascension
The Children of Tranquillity
The Feast of Souls
Nabu acts against the Investigators
The Ritual of Ascension
Travelling from Buckingham Palace to the British Museum
The British Museum
Sir Bartholomew Whiteread
Gaining Entry to the British Museum
The Temple of Nabu
Sabotaging the Temple
The Grand Ritual
Nabu Manifest
Stopping Nabu
Killing Nabu
Reading the Tablets of Destiny
Casting the Ritual of the Walking Darkness
Reading the Scrolls of Endless Shadow
Blowing the Horn of Alû
Using the Eye of Lamashtu
Concluding the Chapter
Rewards and Penalties
Appendix One: NPCs
Appendix Two: Maps

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