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                            About the Author
What is a Netsuke?  Netsuke (pronounced “net-ski” or “net-skay”) are an ancient Japanese art form, of tiny size and incredible beauty and detail.  Netsuke wearing was popular from 1603 to 1912.  Netsuke wear gradually declined as the Japanese began adoptin
	What Makes Netsuke Such an Exciting Art Form?
	The netsuke “Formula”
Power Carving Tools
	Rotary Hand Pieces
	Rotary Cutters
	Rotary Finishing
Knives, Chisels and Scrapers
Netsuke Carving Materials
	Ivories and Ivory-like
	Corals, Stones
	Ceramics and Metals
	Ebony (Gabon)
	Desert Ironwood
	Lignum Vitae
	Fruit and Nut Woods
	Elephant Ivory and Fossil Mastodon or Mammoth Ivory
	Hippopotamus teeth
	Antler and Horn
Ideas, Subjects, Research and Design
	Ideas and Subjects
	How long do carvings take?
General techniques of power carving
	Work Holding
Texture and Shadow
	Dimples (holes)
	Small Raised dimples
	Punch textures
	Wire brush
	Short knife cuts
	Hair and Fiber
	Oblong cuts
	Dimple Texture
	Small Raised Dimples (Lizard Scales)
	Punch textures
	Short knife cuts
	Hair and Fiber Textures
	Wire brush Texture
	Oblong cuts
	Combined Texture Techniques
Making and Inlaying Small Wood Eyes
	Round Eye Inlay:
	Cat or Reptile Eye Inlay Steps:
		Pitfalls to watch out for
Fitting Pieces Together
Dental Amalgam Inlay
Gold and Silver Leaf Inlay
Making Barnacles
Ukibori Bumps and Warts
	Wood Ukibori Techniques
	Ivory, Bone and Metal Ukibori Techniques
Adding Elements to Carvings:  Ladybugs
	Some other ladybugs
Carving the Spawning Sockeyes Netsuke
Inlaying Thin Elements
Errors and Common Mistakes
	Filling holes and correcting errors
	Common Mistakes by Novice Carvers
	Silver Nitrate
	Ivory Finishes
Wood Finishes
Mini-Project:  Practice Cuts  - For this mini-project, we’ll explore a few practice cuts and textures with a small cube of boxwood.
Our First Carving Project:  Carving the  Duck Decoy
Our Second Carving Project:  Carving the Sleeping Mouse
Burnt Offerings:  Pyrography and Small Carvings
Our Third Carving Project:  Carving the Baby White-Throated Sparrow
Netsuke Patterns
	Pattern:  Snail on a Bucket Netsuke
	Pattern:  Manju Netsuke
	Pattern:  Crab in a Bucket
	Pattern:  Crab in the Weeds
	Pattern:  Hatching Dragon
	Pattern:  Octopus in Basket
	Pattern:  Hermit Crab
	Pattern:  Octopus on Broken Pot
	Pattern:  Sometimes the Dragon Wins!
	Pattern:  Wasp in Gourd
	Pattern:  Hatching Alligator
	Assorted Patterns Yet to Carve
	Netsuke:  First Night Out
	Netsuke:  Chickadee and Pinecone
	Netsuke:  Cloud Dragon
	Netsuke:  Diving Helmet
	Netsuke:  Haida Harvest
	Netsuke:  Humpback Whale
	Netsuke:  Sea Nettles (two versions, ivory and horn)
	Netsuke:  Praying Mantis on Pine Branch
	Netsuke:  "The Old Ones Gather Firewood"
	Netsuke:  "Pitcher Thief"
	Netsuke:  Yin/Yang Stingrays
	Netsuke:  Fugu (Japanese Puffer Fish)
	Netsuke:  Box Turtle
	Netsuke:  Brother Cellarer
	Netsuke:  Bumblebee on Blackberry
	Netsuke:  Calimari and Prawn
	Netsuke:  Chickadees in a Nest
	Netsuke:  Cicada on Curled Leaf
	Netsuke:  Celadon and Porcelain Crab Kagamibuta
	Netsuke:  Smoke-Fired Porcelain Crab Kagamibuta
	Netsuke: “Spring Phlox” in the Snow
	Netsuke:  Crab in an Oyster Shell, with Oyster on the Halfshell Ojime
	Netsuke:  Dead Duck Decoy
	Netsuke:  Entwined Fate
	Netsuke:  Tree Frog on Mushrooms
	Netsuke:  Wormy Garlic
	Netsuke:  Hermit Crab
	Netsuke:  "Fall of Maple" Inro, Netsuke and Ojime Suite
	Netsuke:  "Sizing Up" - Golden Crowned Kinglet
	Netsuke:  Woodworking Plane
	Netsuke:  "Puget Sound Symphony" or "Wishful Thinking"
	Netsuke:  Washtub Pumpkins
	Netsuke:  Pygmy Owl
	Netsuke:  Seahorses
	Netsuke:  Siamese Fighting Fish
	Netsuke:  Spanish Dancer
	Netsuke:  Twins
	Netsuke:  Golden Orb Spider
	Netsuke:  Shrimp
Miscellaneous Carvings
Ojime:  Spider and Web
Ojime:  Sea Nettle
Ojime:  Blackberries
Ojime:  Ladybugs
Ojime:  Fugu
Ojime:  Frog on Branch
Ojime:  Cicada
Inspiration Pages
	Ox, by Ryuun 19th Century
	Goat, unsigned 20th Century
	Rat on Lotus Root, unsigned Late 18th or Early 19th Century
	Monkey, Unsigned 19th Century
	Tiger and Monkey, by Ran 19th Century
	Tiger, unsigned 18th Century
	Tigers, unsigned 19th Century
	Sea Horse, unsigned 18th or 19th Century
	Centipede on Rock, unsigned 19th Century
	Snail on Grape Leaves, Ryusa-style manju, unsigned 19th Century
	Hawk on Pine Bough Manju, unsigned 19th Century
	Blind Men on Plank, by Ikkosai 1830 - 1843
	Dancer, by Minkoku 1789 - 1800
	Robber on Log, unsigned 19th Century
	Wise Man with Scroll, unsigned 18th Century
	Gamma Sennin, unsigned 18-19th Century
	Root netsuke, unsigned 19th Century
	Pea Pods
	Frog and Basket
Miscellaneous Items:  Not Necessarily Netsuke
Polymer Clay Press Molds with Precious Metal Clay
Carving Porcelain Netsuke
Floating Treasures:
Elegant Display and Presentation Box
Making a Buckskin Pouch
Medicine Pouches
Carving Bird Skulls
How To Identify Different Kinds of Ivory
Tools List
Bibliography and References
Contemporary Netsuke Carvers - Web Sites:
Good Netsuke or Carving Web Sites
Sources of Supply
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