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TitleBit300 en Col54 Fv Part a4
TagsBusiness Process Port (Computer Networking) Sap Se Application Programming Interface Electronic Data Interchange
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Table of Contents
	Icons in Body Text
	ALE Fundamentals
			Enterprise Structure and Business Processes
			Internal Communication: Distributing Master Data with ALE
			Communication with External Parties: Purchase Order Handling wit
			Separating Systems for Legal Reasons: Human Resources
			Logical System Name
			Message Type
			Distribution Model and Model Views
			ALE Customizing in the Implementation Guide
			Defining Logical System Names and Assigning them to Clients
			Message Types and Basic Types
			Creating Model Views in the Distribution Model
			RFC Destinations and Ports
			Transferring IDocs Using tRFC
			Partner Profiles
				Exercise 1: Basic ALE Customizing
			Structure of an IDoc: The Basic Type
			The Master IDoc
			The Communications IDoc
			Creating IDocs
			Exchanging Data with IDocs: Overview of the Process
			Exchanging Data with IDocs: Process Substeps
				Exercise 2: Documentation for Basic Types
			Consequences of Distributing Applications Across Two Systems
			Business Process in One System
			Business Processes in Multiple Systems
			Synchronizing Customizing Settings with ALE
			Synchronizing Customizing Settings with the SAP Solution Manager
			Converting Field Values: Cross-System Company Codes
			The SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure
			ALE Scenarios and SAP XI
	Master Data Distribution
			Central Material Master Administration
			Configuration of the Central Material Master Administration
			Sending and Requesting Master Data
				Exercise 3: Master Data Distribution
			Distributing Master Data Changes
			Change Pointers
			Segment Filtering
			Filter Objects
			Reduced Message Types
				Exercise 4: Using a Reduced Message Type
	Distributing Transaction Data: Message Control
			ALE and EDI: a Comparison
			Message Control: Introduction
			Message Determination
				Exercise 5: Partner Profiles and Condition Record
			Message Control: Transmission Media “ ALE ” and “ EDI ”
			Message Determination in Ordering and IDoc Generation
			ALE Scenario: Stock Transfer Between Two Systems
				Exercise 6: Sending a Purchase Order to a Vendor
				Exercise 7: Optional: ALE Scenario “ Stock Transfer Between Dist
	Distributing Transaction Data: BAPIs
			What is a Business Object Type?
			What is a BAPI?
			Synchronous Communication with BAPIs
			Asynchronous Communication with BAPIs
			Travel Expenses: Process
			Required Presettings
			Details of the Posting Run for the Travel Expenses
				Exercise 8: Trip Cost Accounting with Two Systems
				Exercise 9: ALE Scenario for Setting Up Travel Expenses
	Monitoring Data Distribution, Error-Handling and Archiving
			IDoc Status Management
			Displaying and Monitoring IDocs
			ALE Audit
				Exercise 10: Monitoring IDocs in the Status Monitor
				Exercise 11: ALE Audit
			IDoc Outbound Processing
			IDoc Inbound Processing
				Exercise 12: Error Analysis and Handling
			Using the SAP Workflow in ALE Scenarios
			IDoc Inbound Processing Using SAP Workflow
			IDoc Monitoring with Workflow Connection
			Error Handling with SAP Workflow
			Authorization Concept
			Maintenance of an Organizational Structure
			Processing Work Items in the SAP Business Workplace
			Tools of the Workflow Administration
				Exercise 13: Processing an Incorrect IDoc from a Work Item
			Archiving IDocs
			Archivability Criterion: IDoc Status
			Deleting Links with IDocs
			Reorganizing Change Pointers
			Renaming Logical Systems
			IDoc Recovery Following Database Error

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