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TitleBilly Elliot - Full Orchestra
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Table of Contents
Billy Elliot
	00. Overture Score (B4S)(5)
	01. Stars Look Down Score (B4S)(6)
	01a. Stars Look Down U-S Score.(B4S)(3)
	01b. The Letter U-S Score (B4S)(3)
	02. Shine Score (B4S)(4)
	03. Grandma's Song Score (B4S)(4)
	04. Solidarity Score (B4S)(4).mus
	04a. To Toilets U-S Score(B4S)(4)
	04b. Electricity U-S Score (B4S)(4)
	05. Expressing Yourself Score (B4S)(4)
	06. The Letter Score (C) (B4S)(4)
	07. Born to Boogie Score 5 (B4S)(4)
	07a. Intro to No. 8 (B4S)(3)
	08. Angry Dance Score (B4S)(3)
	09. Merry Christmas Score (B4S)(4)
	10. Deep Into The Ground Score (B4S)(4)
	10a. Out of Christmas Underscore Score (B4S)(3)
	12. He Could Be A Star Score (B4S)(6a)
	13. Electricity Score (B4S)(4)
	13a Electricity U-S Score (B4S)(3)
	15. Once We Were Kings Score (B4S)(3)
	16. Letter Finale score (B4S)(4)
	17. Finale Score (B4S)(3)
	18. Playout Score (B4S)(1)

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