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TitleAuto Lisp
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Table of Contents
		About Related AutoLISP Documents
Using the AutoLISP Language
	AutoLISP Basics
		AutoLISP Expressions
			AutoLISP Function Syntax
		AutoLISP Data Types
			Selection Sets
			Entity Names
			File Descriptors
			Symbols and Variables
		AutoLISP Program Files
			Formatting AutoLISP Code
				Spaces in AutoLISP Code
			Comments in AutoLISP Program Files
		AutoLISP Variables
			Displaying the Value of a Variable
			Nil Variables
			Predefined Variables
		Number Handling
		String Handling
		Basic Output Functions
			Displaying Messages
				Exiting Quietly
			Control Characters in Strings
			Wild-Card Matching
		Equality and Conditional
		List Handling
			Point Lists
			Dotted Pairs
		Symbol and Function Handling
			Using defun to Define a Function
				Compatibility of defun with Previous Versions of AutoCAD for Mac
			C:XXX Functions
				Adding Commands
				Redefining AutoCAD for Mac Commands
			Local Variables in Functions
				Local Variables versus Global Variables
				Example Using Local Variables
			Functions with Arguments
				Special Forms
		Error Handling in AutoLISP
			Using the *error* Function
			Catching Errors and Continuing Program Execution
	Using AutoLISP to Communicate with AutoCAD for Mac
		Accessing Commands and Services
			Command Submission
				Foreign Language Support
				Pausing for User Input
				Passing Pick Points to AutoCAD for Mac Commands
				Undoing Commands Issued with the command Function
			System and Environment Variables
			Configuration Control
		Display Control
			Control of Graphics and Text Windows
			Control of Low-Level Graphics
		Getting User Input
			The getxxx Functions
			Control of User-Input Function Conditions
				Input Options for User-Input Functions
				Keyword Options
				Arbitrary Keyboard Input
				Input Validation
		Geometric Utilities
			Object Snap
			Text Extents
			String Conversions
			Angular Conversion
			ASCII Code Conversion
			Unit Conversion
				Converting from Inches to Meters
				The Unit Definition File
			Coordinate System Transformations
				Point Transformations
		File Handling
			File Search
		Device Access and Control
			Accessing User Input
	Using AutoLISP to Manipulate AutoCAD for Mac Objects
		Selection Set Handling
			Selection Set Filter Lists
				Wild-Card Patterns in Filter Lists
				Filtering for Extended Data
				Relational Tests
				Logical Grouping of Filter Tests
				Selection Set Manipulation
			Passing Selection Sets between AutoLISP and ObjectARX Applications
		Object Handling
			Entity Name Functions
				Entity Handles and Their Uses
				Entity Context and Coordinate Transform Data
				Entity Access Functions
			Entity Data Functions
				Deleting an Entity
				Obtaining Entity Information
				Modifying an Entity
				Adding an Entity to a Drawing
				Creating Complex Entities
				Working with Blocks
				Anonymous Blocks
			Entity Data Functions and the Graphics Screen
			Old-Style Polylines and Lightweight Polylines
				Processing Curve-Fit and Spline-Fit Polylines
			Non-Graphic Object Handling
				Symbol Table Objects
				Dictionary Objects
		Extended Data - xdata
			Organization of Extended Data
			Registration of an Application
			Retrieval of Extended Data
			Attachment of Extended Data to an Entity
			Management of Extended Data Memory Use
			Handles in Extended Data
		Xrecord Objects
		Symbol Table and Dictionary Access
			Symbol Tables
			Dictionary Entries
				Accessing AutoCAD for Mac Groups
	AutoLISP Function Synopsis
		Category Summary
		Basic Functions
			Application-Handling Functions
			Arithmetic Functions
			Equality and Conditional Functions
			Error-Handling Functions
			Function-Handling Functions
			List Manipulation Functions
			String-Handling Functions
			Symbol-Handling Functions
		Utility Functions
			Conversion Functions
			Device Access Functions
			Display Control Functions
			File-Handling Functions
			Geometric Functions
			Query and Command Functions
			User Input Functions
		Selection Set, Object, and Symbol Table Functions
			Extended Data-Handling Functions
			Object-Handling Functions
			Selection Set Manipulation Functions
			Symbol Table and Dictionary-Handling Functions
		Memory Management Functions
		VLX Namespace Functions
		Namespace Communication Functions
		Property List (Plist) Functions
	AutoLISP Error Codes
		Error Codes

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