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Architecture in Detail
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Why One Thing, not Another?
	Procurement, labour and maintenance
	Environmental expression
	Materials, technology and practice
	Structure, Façade and Decoration
	Verulamium Hypocaust Building, St Albans
	Bedford School Library, Bedford
	Digital Studio at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture, Oxford
	Trevision Production Building, Vienna, Austria
	Crop Store, Renewable Energy Centre, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
	Fountain on the Nikolaikirchhof, Leipzig, Germany
	Youl Hwa Dang Publishing House, Paju Book City, Seoul, South Korea
	The Public Gallery, West Bromwich
	Kingsdale School Auditorium, Dulwich, London
	Moggerhanger House, Bedfordshire
	Tower of London Environs, London
	City and County Museum, Lincoln
	A13 Artscape Project – Pump Control House, Barking and Dagenham
	Metropolitan Cathedral Campus, Liverpool
	St Paul's Old Ford Church, Bow, London
	Friars Halt Studio, Battle, East Sussex
	Novy Dvur Monastery, Czech Republic
	Summerhouse, Stoke Newington, London
	Imperial War Museum Visitors Centre, Duxford, Cambridgeshire
	Unicorn Theatre, London
	Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden
	Alpine House, Kew Gardens, London
	Westfield Student Village, Queen Mary, University of London
	Carlisle Lane Housing, Waterloo, London
	National Gallery East Wing, London
	National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff
	Queens Road Community Centre, Walthamstow, London
	Sky Ear
	Salvation Army Chapel, London
	BBC Broadcasting House, London
	Education Resource Centre, Eden Project, Cornwall
	Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, London
	Galleria Fashion Mall, Seoul, South Korea
	Wembley Stadium Arch, London
	Victoria & Albert Museum Courtyard, London
	Young Vic Theatre, London
	House at Dalguise, Fife
	Des Moines Public Library, Iowa, USA
	London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London
	Newington Green House, London
	Project credits
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Architecture in Detail

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Unicorn Theatre, London


Photo credit: H�l�ne Binet

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Architecture in Detail


1. Wall plate
800 � 500 � 25 mm thick plate with fi fteen bolt
holes cast into auditorium concrete wall.
Steel U-bars and 100 mm long � 19 mm
diameter shear studs welded to rear of plate to
provide anchor into concrete.

2. Wall bracket
800 � 500 � 25 mm thick back plate bolted to
cast-in wall plate with fi fteen M24 bolts.
Two 1000 � 600 � 25 mm thick shaped plates
welded to back plate with stiffening plates
welded in between.

3. Hanger bracket
500 � 600 � 25 mm thick side plates bolted to
wall bracket with twelve M24 bolts each side.
650 � 400 � 25 mm thick plate bearer with
25 mm stiffening plates welded to side plates.

4. Hanger
650 � 300 � 25 mm thick plate with 25 mm
stiffening plates bearing on rubber acoustic
500 � 500 � 25 mm thick plate welded to
Two 800 � 500 � 25 mm tapered plates bolted
to T-bearer with twelve M24 bolts.
203 � 203 mm � 86 kg UC (universal column)
hanger welded to tapered plates.

5. Bracket for fl oor beams
200 � 200 � 16 mm equal angle fi xed to
auditorium wall with 2 rows anchor bolts at
200 mm centres.
Resilient foam strip between angle and
concrete to prevent structure-to-structure

6. Floor beam
254 � 254 mm � 107 kg UC fl oor beams at
nominal 2010 mm centres bolted to bracket on
rubber acoustic bearing isolated with neoprene
sleeves and washers.

7. Auditorium wall
300 mm thick reinforced concrete wall.
Cavity fi lled with mineral wool insulation.
140 mm concrete blockwork.
10 mm plaster fi nish to education room only.

8. Roof
300 mm thick concrete slab on permanent
metal deck.
100 mm extruded polystyrene insulation.
Single-ply roofi ng membrane.
50 mm thick concrete pavers on 20 mm gravel
over plant area.

9. External walls
Acrylic render external fi nish.
80 mm expanded polystyrene insulation.
20 mm cementitious board backing on metal
studwork frame on south elevation only where
blockwork is set back to conceal hanger.
140 mm concrete blockwork.
10 mm plaster internal fi nish.

10. Education room fl oor
Sprung battened timber fl oating fl oor.
275 mm concrete slab on profi led metal
Two layers plasterboard ceiling on resilient
acoustic hangers.

11. Floor end beam
533 � 210 mm � 109 kg UB (universal beam)
end compression member.

12. Auditorium balcony structure
Diagonal concrete corner brace to resist
compression force from fl oor end beam built
into auditorium balcony structure.

13. Foyer glazing
Frameless sealed double-glazed units with
220 mm deep aluminium horizontal mullions
suspended on 20 mm vertical steel rods.

Site plan, scale 1:1500

Photo credit: Hélène Binet






Detail showing hanger connection to
auditorium wall



Mezzanine level plan with area of detail
shown in red, scale 1:750

Page 187

Project credits


Young Vic Theatre, London

Architect: Haworth Tompkins Architects
Structural Engineer: Jane Wernick Associates
Project Manager: Buro 4
Mechanical Engineering: Max Fordham
Acoustic Engineer: Paul Gillieron Acoustic Design
Theatre Consultants: Studio Tod-Lecat and Theatre Project Consultants
QS: David Langdon

Philip Vile —
Haworth Tompkins

House at Dalguise, Fife

Client: Private
Architect: ARC Chartered Architects
UnÞ red Brick Supplier: Errol Brick


Des Moines Public Library, Iowa, USA

Client: Des Moines Public Library
Architect: David ChipperÞ eld Architects
Local Architect: Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck Architecture
Fa�ade Consultant: W. J. Higgins & Associates, Inc.: Wes Higgins
Structural Engineer: Jane Wernick Associates
Local Structural Engineer: Shuck-Britson
Services Engineer: Arup
Local Services Engineer: KJWW
General Contractor: The Weitz Company
Glass Fa�ade Supplier: Okalux, Germany

Courtesy David ChipperÞ eld Architects and Des Moines Public Library /
Credit Farshid Assassi —

London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London

Client: University College London
Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
M&E Services Engineer: Buro Happold
Quantity Surveyor: Edmond Shipway & Partners
Planning Supervisor: Buro Happold

Tim Soar —

Page 188

Project credits


Newington Green House, London

Client: Graham Bizley
Architect: Prewett Bizely Architects
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
Main Contractor: GAP (Special Works) ltd.
Staircase timber components: Creative Craftsmen
Stair handrail: Ray Smith — RS Projects
Staircase construction: Graham Bizley, Robert Prewett, Sam Tyler
Windows: Sparkford Sawmills

Kilian OÕSullivan —

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